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What happens to your body during a ROLFING® SERIES? 

Rolfing is a unique form of bodywork. Over the course of ten sessions, your body will make big changes! 

Shoulders and hips level out. Most people stand taller, tension drops away, the chest opens, and movement becomes more graceful. The benefits are enormous, and the changes lasting.

You will experience ten dedicated sessions including; three ‘Sleeve’ sessions, three ‘Core’ sessions, one dedicated Cranial session and three Integration sessions.

What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing® is an advanced form of myofascial release bodywork and movement education. Rolfing® recognises the body's interrelatedness and treats the entire structure through a systematic approach called the' Ten Series'.

People who train to become Rolfers™ undergo many years of training. 

They are often dancers, yoga teachers, sports massage therapists, physiotherapists or osteopaths who then train and certify in Rolfing®. 

Rolfing® is one of the greatest lifetime investments you can make. 

Who can benefit from treatments?

Whether you are an athlete who needs more mobility and postural balance to achieve the best training results or a sedentary office worker who suffers from back, shoulder or neck pain, everyone can benefit from Rolfing®. 

With greater ease of movement and functionality to the body, many people who have undergone the Rolfing® series report many other benefits. 

These include a greater sense of wellbeing, confidence and calm, reduced anxiety, fewer injuries, improved recovery time after exercise, more evenly developed muscle mass, improved posture, increased flexibility and improved mobility.

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