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Your experience is all...

For the following words I am grateful

The work of Rolfing is something we embark on together. I witness and share more joy, exhaustion, honesty, newness and beauty than I ever expected.. and that is because of you. Thank you.



My sinuses - which I have suffered from chronic sinusitis since I was 13 years old - have opened. I normally cannot sleep on my belly on one of the sides of my head, because my neck felt too short. Well, it doesn’t anymore. This night slept that way. My chest feels open and quiet and my shoulders are quite relaxed. 

Thank you for taking me into a journey bridging the within and the without with such curiosity, openness, love and creativity. I enjoyed every session. 

Mari, London

Michelle creates a warm welcoming environment that fosters a deep sense of letting go in the practice. My soul body and mind were revamped and reinvigorated after each session . Staying the course of 10 sessions was an epic journey of rediscovery

Imran, London

Michelle is very warm and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in Rolfing or hoping to achieve postural and body movement changes.

James Oliver, London

All the work has very much changed how my body fatigues at work, I’d ALWAYS usually find an excuse to go find a perch to sit on because I’d be achy. However now I’ve got so much more stamina standing up all day (which sounds silly needing stamina to stand). Posture is much better. Tom, London

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started Rolfing, but my experience with Michelle was truly special. Her knowledge and insight created a space for reflection which deepened our sessions. She has a wonderful wholistic approach which aided me in feeling more grounded in my body.

Anastasia, South London

I am so honoured to have this journey with you. Thank you for teaching me how to explore my body in ways of renewal.

Aria, South London

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