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Rolfing Structural Integration in London

Somatic Classes Online

Invest in the experience of your body in the world


Hello and welcome, am so honoured you are here. I hope very much you will take the next step and begin the Rolfing ten series wih me. 

Rolfing is a journey into the habits, patterns and layers you have constructed over time. These habits are deeply embedded in beliefs, culture and memory of our being. Rolfing draws in the new science of our innate stress responses and the bio-tensegrity network of our fascial tissue. I work hands on as well as exploring movement together. 

We can create new options and tools for a resilient structure, a body that you feel at ease and at home in. You are safe there.

You can find me in London Bridge or Oxted,Kent. I believe in Rolfing and I devote myself to continual growth and development to offer you a transformative journey that will alter your life. 



..Rolfing® questions?

Please send an email to

I would love to hear from you.

or find out more about Rolfing® here


Thank you,

With love


New for 2024, 
Online Yoga. 

It has been a long time, long requested arrival! 

I am delighted to be offering online classes every Monday evening at 19.30 via Zoom.

A class for all, built to treasure and enjoy movement. 

So far the classes have been a joyful, gentle community with somatic sensing at their heart. 

All levels and experience welcome. The class is about you being with you. 

Locations I work:

Breathe Well-being Waterloo

34-68 Colombo Street



Ingledale Therapy Centre
1 Tanhouse Road
Old Oxted

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*Certified Rolfer® with British Academy of Rolfing® Structural Integration and Dr Ida Rolf Institute Europe.

*Member of the European Rolfing® Association e.V.

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