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Rolfing Structural Integration

Somatic Classes Online

Invest in your journey


Hello are you wondering where to find me!?


Well I have been wondering this too! However I am pleased to say I am now based in Sevenoaks, Kent. 

I work in Forest Hill on Mondays and currently have two times available to book

9.00am and 10.00am if you are interested in these times for the 10 series in Forest Hill please let me know!


Are you in Sevenoaks? Let me know. I would rather you here working with me than not so I can be flexible on timings and payments. This is important to settle myself and my work into the Sevenoaks world.

 Ready for your Rolfing® 10 series journey?!  

Rolfing® questions?

Please send an email to

I would love to hear from you.

or find out more about Rolfing® here


Warmest Wishes,


New for 2024
Online Classes

It has been a long time, long requested arrival! 

I am so excited to be offering online classes every Monday evening at 19.30. A class for all, a class built to treasure and enjoy movement. 

What ever has been going on, however you're feeling, I welcome you to just arrive and be there. 

I will be your guide.

I look forward to seeing you on zoom!

Locations I work:

Breathe Well-being Waterloo

34-68 Colombo Street



Havelock Therapy Space 

Glasshouse Two

16 Havelock Walk

Forest Hill


SE23 3HG

Ingledale Therapy Centre
1 Tanhouse Road
Old Oxted

*Certified Rolfer® with British Academy of Rolfing® Structural Integration and Dr Ida Rolf Institute Europe.

*Member of the European Rolfing® Association e.V.

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